Anna of Kashin

Anna of Kashin, a Russian medieval princess, was twice canonized as a holy protectress of women who suffer the loss of relatives

Clarence L. "Biggie" Munn

Clarence L. "Biggie" Munn was Michigan State University's most successful football coach with a winning percentage of 85.7 over seven years, including a 28-game winning streak from October 141950 through October 171953

English Canal

 English Canal was a partially completed canal project started in 1864 that would connect the iron ore fields in northern Sweden with the Gulf of Bothnia

The Exile

The Exile, the first African American talking film, was a semi-autobiographical film about a Black rancher in South Dakota, with elements of interracial romance and some nightclub scenes set in Chicago

Hermitage Theatre

Catherine the Great wrote several comedies and an opera libretto for the productions of the Hermitage Theatre in Saint Petersburg

Jatin Das

Jatin Das, an Indian freedom fighter, died after sixty three days of hunger strike demanding rights for prisoners and undertrials in Lahorejail in 1929

The Observatory

The Observatory, a Singaporean space rock band released their first album packaged as a diary, complete with torn pages and paperclipped photos

Yakov Blumkin

NKVD official Yakov Blumkin organised and personally took part in an expedition to find the Shambhala, a mystical kingdom hidden in the Himalayas